The AX Welwyn Above & Beyond Warranty

The typical warranty you get with most paint protection films will cover problems and defects with the film itself; yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating.

The typical warranty you get from a PPF applicator will cover problems with the installation, but not damage caused when removing the film or even damage to the protected panels. Check out the links at the bottom of the page if you can’t quite believe that.

AX Welwyn have never been a typical business. We want to blow you away with our products and service and one way we do that is with our world beating warranty’s. And for our paint protection spray, we’ve done it again and are proud to present to you our Above & Beyond Warranty;

Above & Beyond the manufacturers standard warranty, and

Above & Beyond our paint protection spray being invisible, seamless and edgeless, and

Above & Beyond our paint protection spray covering any shape or size of vehicle without cuts, creases or air bubbles, and

Above & Beyond our promise that, unlike adhesive based films, removing our paint protection spray will not damage your car, we also give you this world exclusive warranty

Above & Beyond any other paint protection product;

AX Welwyn are the only paint protection installer in the whole, entire world to warrant that if, within 4 years of application and in normal road use, impact from a stone or other particle penetrates the film and damages the paint underneath, we will repair the damage free of charge.

The small print
As with any warranty, there are some terms and exclusions. We’ve kept ours as simple and common sense as possible. Here they are;

  • We are only covering ChipGuard applications carried out by AX Welwyn. Applications by other installers are covered under their own warranty
  • It’s a requirement of our warranty that the film is removed by AX Welwyn (a charge may apply)
  • If repairs are deemed necessary, they will be carried out by AX Welwyn as the sole remedy.
  • We are covering damage to paintwork due to penetration of the P1 ChipGuard film by impact from flying debris in normal road use (stone chips), therefore;
  • Impact damage from road traffic accidents, parking scrapes etc. is excluded
  • Damage to unprotected areas of the car is excluded
  • Deliberate or vandalism damage is excluded
  • Dents to panels in the protected area are excluded
  • Damage caused while driving off road or on a racetrack is excluded
  • The warranty is not transferable,,,