What is P1 ChipGuard?

P1 ChipGuard is a sprayable, peelable film that forms a barrier between your paintwork and things that are trying to damage it. Stones and other small items bounce off the film without touching the paint.

Will it change the colour of my paint?

Not unless you want it to! Standard P1 ChipGuard is completely invisible and will not yellow or fade but it can also be tinted like paint. Choose from over 60,000 colours if you want a new look for your car as well as protection from all the road can throw at it.

How is it better than cut films?

P1 is sprayed not cut. There are no edges or seams where wax and dirt can accumulate and ZERO risk of damage during application.

Does removing it damage the paint?

No. Unlike pre-cut film, there is no adhesive in P1. Removing our film is quick and easy and will leave no residue or cause any damage.

If there is no glue, how does it stick?

Through a combination of chemical adhesion and surface tension. We can’t tell you any more than that, it’s a secret.

Is it like a ceramic coat?

No. Ceramic coatings create a layer about 1 micron thick on your car. This layer is hydrophobic, makes your car easier to clean and protects against chemical and UV damage. P1 ChipGuard is 200 times thicker than a ceramic coat and stones and other debris just bounce off

Can you apply P1 over a ceramic coating?

No, ceramic coatings are designed to stop things sticking to your paint, so they can affect how P1 adheres to your car. We will remove any existing coatings or waxes before application. You can however apply a ceramic coat or wax over P1 if you want.

I’ve heard ceramic coat makes your paint too hard to scratch?

There’s a little bit of misinformation there. Ceramic coatings and paint protection films are 2 different products that do 2 different things. But don’t take our word for it, follow the links from 2 of the best known ceramic coat manufacturers to see what they say…

Feynlab Ceramic Coat Hardness Test

Gtechniq or PPF? – (scroll down a wee bit to question 6)

In short, ceramic coatings can slightly increase the hardness of your underlying paint, but they can’t (and don’t claim to) protect against impact damage from stones and other flying debris

Where are you based?

AX Welwyn are an approved applicator of P1 ChipGuard and our application centre is in Hertfordshire, however we can collect and deliver anywhere in mainland United Kingdom via a covered car transporter at very competitive rates.